Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

Do you have a cat that follows you around everywhere? If you’re a cat owner, chances are you’ve had the experience of your furry friend following you around from room to room, meowing incessantly until you give them the attention they crave. If so, you’re not alone. Many cats exhibit this behavior, and there’s usually … Read more

Why Do Cat’s Ears Twitch?

Why do cats ears twitch

Cats are amazing creatures. They’re loving, they’re independent, and they always seem to know just what we need. But there’s one thing about cats that can be a little bit perplexing: their ears. Why do cats’ ears twitch when they are sleeping or when petting them or touching them? Let’s take a closer look at … Read more

Do Cats Know When You’re Sad?

Why do cats smell good

There’s a special bond between humans and cats that have been around for centuries. Some people believe that cats can sense when we’re feeling down, and they often act differently towards us when we’re sad. But is this really true? In this blog post, we’ll explore the fascinating relationship between humans and felines, and find … Read more